Ronald L. Cooper DDS, FAGD

Night Guards

Tooth grinding and clenching, or bruxism, can cause damage to teeth and gums.  Tooth fracture, wear and tooth loosening, as well as gum recession, are common occurrences with long term grinding.  Many patients are not aware that they grind or clench because most of the grinding is done during sleep. Some patients can experience jaw aches, TMJ pain or facial muscle pain.  Telltale signs of this condition are visible on your teeth and in your mouth and Dr. Cooper can show you these signs to determine the extent of your grinding.
In order to protect the teeth and gums from bruxism, a nightguard can be fitted to your teeth.  This removable acrylic appliance is placed in your mouth before bed and worn during sleep.  Most of the time, wearing the nightguard eliminates bruxism.  For those people that continue to grind, the nightguard will act as a mechanical barrier preventing additional wear on the teeth.


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