Ronald L. Cooper DDS, FAGD

The pandemic has been taxing on everyone and may have affected areas of your health you might not have considered. 
There could be a link between dental injuries and stress and according to the American Dental Association, many dentists have been seeing a rise in these stress-related injuries. 

The Washington- metro area is a very high stress area as it is and with COVID, an increase of stress is prevalent. Clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth, and general lack of appropriate dental care is causing a few different oral problems. 
What can you do to prevent injury?
Visit your dentist. Going for a routine checkup will help you rule out any injuries you might have as well as give your dentist an idea of your stress levels and dental habits that could cause dental injury. 
Pay attention to your diet. Our diets have probably changed since the beginning of the pandemic and this could be causing tooth decay or further injury. Eating a balanced diet of foods rich with vitamins will be very helpful to your dental health. 
Make conscious efforts to de-stress. Things like meditation, exercise, and journaling are just a few efforts that could lower your stress levels and ultimately lessen your chances of causing a dental injury. 
If you have a dental injury or haven’t been to the dentist lately, we can help! Give us a call at 202-463- 2090 or visit our website

Graphic by the American Dental Association: -see-increase-in-patients-stress-related-oral-health-conditions 

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