Ronald L. Cooper DDS, FAGD


Dental Hygiene

  What is Dental Hygiene? Dental Hygiene is the act of keeping the mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy to prevent disease by regular brushing and flossing.   Do I HAVE to floss? [...]

Our Team, Ready To Treat!

As many of us get vaccinated, it is important to remember to get back into your dental routine with a visit every 6 months. This is essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums.  If you are new [...]

Gum Disease

The pandemic has caused everyone a level of concern when considering going to the dentist. Although research shows dentist offices are properly sanitized, people have chosen to neglect their [...]

Sleep Good, Feel Better!

You wake up suddenly at 2:30 in the morning. Your chest is sore and you roll over, hoping to get back to sleep and trying your best to not wake up your spouse. A few hours later, you are driving [...]

What are Veneers?

Let’s face it: Our teeth don’t always look good. And, no matter how we may try to hide them, they can still be seen and can be a great source of embarrassment. Damaged teeth can even impede [...]

Men & Oral Health

Hey guys! Listen up! There are obvious differences between men and women. But what you may not realize is these differences extend into the world of dentistry and oral health as well. According [...]

Women & Oral Health

It’s almost Mother’s Day, the one day on the calendar when moms are pampered and taken care of, but what happens the rest of the year? Moms routinely put everyone else’s needs before their own so [...]

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