Ronald L. Cooper DDS, FAGD

A lot of people have told me stories of their one “bad” tooth.  It was their first cavity which had a small filing then a larger filling.  The tooth then needed a crown, then a root canal and then a second crown.  This of course happened over many, many years until they reached a point where the tooth could no longer be saved.  The tooth was finally extracted.

Dental Implants (which are recommended by the American Dental Association as a an “effective way to replace missing teeth”) provide the ideal solution for single or multiple missing teeth.  After the decayed tooth is removed and adequate bone remains, a dental implant can be firmly placed in the mouth. The dental implant is an artificial root fabricated from a metal which securely adheres to the bone. The bone actually grows into and integrates with the implant over a couple of months.  When this occurs, a new crown or cap can be placed on the implant.  The new implanted tooth restores 100% of the original tooth’s function.

Thanks to 3-D imaging and advances in dental implant software, we can now utilize computer designed surgical guides to place dental implants in the most desirable locations. The computer guides virtually eliminates the cutting of the gum tissue.

Ron Cooper DDS 100% of our dental implant placements are performed with the computer designed guides. This reduces the dental implant placement time and greatly minimizes post-operative discomfort.

Since the dental implant location is determined ahead of time, we know exactly where the future crown will be placed. In fact, we start with the ideal location of the crown and place the implant directly under this ideal location.

If you would like to have a dental implant consultation to see if it is the solution for your missing tooth,                                                              please contact our office at (202) 463-2090 or email us at

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